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Author/collaboration creator: Jo Pronger Faulkner Foreword: Martha Krejci Additional contributors/collaborators: Patti Kaye Bevilacqua Adreane Dimitrova Kristina L. Foster Megan Foster Bron Hadley Lisa-Marie Haymour Mimi Hricko Amanda Ibbotson Beverly Jacobson Judith Labert Nicole Liammari Jacci Robyn Lötter Jennifer Lockery Lyddiard Andrea Orem Rajshree Pandya Leah Parker Kari Schneider Doreen Stroud Deborah Vick Lianne Waters

Absolute Will has been curated by Jo Pronger Faulkner. Its a must read for anyone looking for motivation. Absolute Will is an amalgamation of stories by various authors from across the world. Each author brings in their unique writing style and story. It is a unique self-help book that deals with various issues through personal experience sharing and story-telling. Some of the stories were eye opening to say the least and left a lasting impact.

Absolute Will is a powerful, heartfelt, inspirational collaboration by twenty-one women from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Australia, South Africa and Bulgaria. The authors have linked arms to share their personal, vulnerable, insightful TRUE STORIES of willpower when facing emotional and mental health crises, physical injuries, and disease. Their stories range from coping with or overcoming chronic fatigue, chronic pain and scary autoimmune disease diagnoses, leaving abusive marriages, and choosing to continue with pregnancy despite a life-limiting / "not compatible with life" diagnosis, to working through PTSD and anxiety from childhood trauma, becoming resilient and purposeful after tragic deaths of loved ones, and living with the physical and emotional scars of being born dying. This is a remarkable group of strong, warrior women, and their incredibly moving stories are full of life's ups and downs, twists and turns, resiliency and willpower. These women are sharing their stories to inspire others who are struggling, to show pain can be turned into purpose, and that one's past doesn't need to define one's future. ​ HSD Rating - 5/5

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