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Author - Vibhuti Vaid

‘Creative Leaps - A Poetreat’, is a reflection of the authors thoughts, feelings and beliefs. ​ She has masterfully combined her love for art and poetry and came up with a masterpiece. Creative Leaps is a rare gem that comes along once a while and leaves a lasting impression. Poems have been derived from everyday life situations in the poets life and she has included a painting to go with the theme of each poem. Its a delight to see a poet and an artist in action in a single book.

Highly recommend Creative Leaps - A Poetreat to all poetry and art lovers. ​ HSD rating - 4/5 ​

***External review***

"The poems written in this book are an amalgamation of the authors poetic and artistic skills. Creative Leaps is an outstanding expression of Vibhuti Ma'am's thoughts. Each and every poem immerses the reader and they are written in a way, that the reader is able to visualize her pondering. Her drawings, are an added treat and give an insight into her imaginative personality. Having witnessed her teaching and work ethics firsthand, I am proud of her for achieving her dreams in such a beautiful manner. I personally loved each and every creation of hers. The book is a must read for those who have a taste for finer things. Ms. Ishita Jain Executive Director AVN Sr. Sec. School Faridabad"

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