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Author - Kavita Bhutani aka Kavita Kabira

Genre - Fiction: romance

“Life happens to us in fragments. Every phase brings a different level of understanding. It is easier to let go of grudges if someone dies but it is hard to do the same if someone walks out of our life. How is it possible that external factors govern our happiness to such an extent that we seize to live our own lives.” - Few Moments of Letting Go

'Moments of Letting Go' is the second edition of 'Few Moments of Letting Go' which was originally released in 2017. Maya is the central character of this story, and you can not but help fall in love with her grit and simplicity. May goes through the ups and downs in the life while being entangled in an abusive relationship but still stay strong. She eventually comes out of the turbulence and makes good of her life.

The characterization is in depth and each character stands out with the writers narration. She has weaved the story with a lot of twists and turns. All in all 'Moments of Letting Go' is an exciting read.

HSD Rating - 4/5

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