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These books have been reviewed by our literary experts & reviewers. Our expert panelists are avid readers and they handpick and review books round the clock.

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Riding with Ravan

Author - Ezhuth Aani

Author Ezhuth Aani aka Dr Anantha Ramanathan mixes mythology with science fiction and comes up with a faced paced action packed thriller. This delightful mixture of mythology, supernatural and science fiction takes the reader through the subculture of mysticism in Sri Lanka with a contemporary twist.

The story has been narrated using lucid language and vivid imagination. Inspired from the ancient Hindu epic of Ramayana, Ezuth has sculpted a masterpiece. I have always loved science fiction and when it is mixed with mythology then it becomes all the more exciting. The story is fast paced and kept me on my toes. Thoroughly enjoyed the book.

A must read for all science-fiction, adventure and action junkies.

HSD rating - 3.5/5

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