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Spiritual Awakening : Journey of an ignorant guy towards mystical and cultural dimensions of life

Anyone on a spiritual journey or looking for answers related to the subject must read this book. This book is written by Author Atul Tyagi. He has narrated his personal journey in this book. Whether or not someone is struggling in life (Physically or Mentally), this book is for everyone. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to know what spirituality is about in today's world. This book is filled with anecdotes from the author's life that makes it easy to relate to the concepts described in the book.

Many revered thinkers like Swami Vivekananda and, more recently, Jaggi Vasudev have done an excellent job creating awareness about spirituality and have written countless books on the subject. They have sown the seeds of spirituality and Sanatan Dharma in the West. Thanks to them, the world is now aware of the Hindu religion and spirituality.

Spiritualism is a state of heightened awareness and possibly enlightened existence. Though it might have started as an essential aspect of the Sanatan Dharma, the modern version of spirituality transcends the religious boundaries and can be practised by anyone.

The author has explained many things related to spirituality using simple language. This book is interesting because the author has straightforwardly shared his personal experiences, including his experiences in a start-up. This makes the concepts more relatable and easily executable in daily life. He attributes spirituality as the most critical element that has helped him achieve what he has achieved in his life. Spirituality brought him out of a stage of self-doubt and confusion, and now he sees things clearly. Something fascinating about his narration is that he talks about 'self' a lot, and we all know how important that is. Everything that we seek in others and other places is right around us and sometimes inside us. All we need to do is look inside us and around us carefully. Would highly recommend everyone to read this book now.

HSD Rating - 3.5/5

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