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Jo Pronger Faulkner

Senior Consultant

Jo is the Author of The Autoimmune Warrior’s Healing Key & co-author collaborator in The Truth About Success (Both books are #1 Best Sellers and each hit #1 New Release in multiple categories on Amazon!). She is also the Creator & co-author of Absolute Will (This collaboration went to #1 Best Seller in nine categories across three countries and #1 New Release in thirty-one categories across four countries in the first few weeks after our live launch!)

Jo has also created an in-depth 9-week Holistic Healing program, and offers one-on-one coaching packages for autoimmune warriors, which can start you on your path to improving your health today. She loves helping people tell /write their health journey story. Jo is currently based in Canada.

Jo Pronger Faulkner
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